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  • Behavioral Psychologist


Behavioral Psychologist

Dr. Deisinger is President of Deisinger Consulting, LLC, a professional services firm specializing in protective intelligence and behavioral threat assessment & management services for an international base of clients.

Dr. Deisinger, in collaboration with a network of experience and expert practitioners, provides a range of services including:
- executive consultation regarding strategic approaches to violence prevention,
- training for threat management practitioners,
- engagement and awareness building for organizations, and
- case consultation to support acute risk mitigation and continuity of operations.

As an internationally recognized threat management practitioner with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Deisinger helps organizations to enhance policy, processes, & practices to identify, assess, & manage situations that may pose a threat of violence or significant disruption to continuity of operations. His work has helped many organizations build comprehensive and collaborative processes, enhance practices incorporating relevant and contemporary standards, mitigate risk for violence, and enhance the safety and well-being of their organizations.

Dr. Deisinger serves a wide range of clients in business, technology, education, healthcare, media, government, military, law enforcement, faith communities, non-profit organizations, and security & protective service organizations.

Dr. Deisinger earned his doctorate in psychology from Iowa State University. He is a licensed psychologist, a certified health service provider in psychology, and, until his retirement, a certified law enforcement officer. Until his retirement from government service, Dr. Deisinger served as Deputy Chief of Police & Director of Threat Management for Virginia Tech, positions to which he had been recruited following the mass-casualty incident there in 2007.

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