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Advocate Expert

Marcie Roth is CEO of the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies, leading disability inclusive emergency management initiatives for 61 million people with disabilities across the US and over 1 billion people globally.

Her focus on people with disabilities in disasters began in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2021 terrorist attacks, serving as an advisor to the White House on the rights and urgent needs of disaster survivors with disabilities living in the area around ground zero.

Appointed by President Obama to FEMA in 2009, she established and served for 7.5 years as Director of the FEMA Office of Disability Integration and Coordination, managing a team of 185 disability and disaster experts through 400 disaster deployments and transforming emergency management to be inclusive of the rights and needs of the whole community. She has been leading disability rights and health organizations since 1996 and she has been consulting with businesses and communities before, during and after disasters since 2001. Her recent publications include a report to the President and Congress from the National Council on Disability, Preserving Our Freedom: Ending Institutionalization of People with Disabilities During and After Disasters, Getting It Wrong: An Indictment with a Blueprint for Getting It Right, Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction and A Resilient Community is One That Includes and Protects Everyone.

Ms. Roth was a 2017 Hilton Foundation Fellow, addressing the disproportionate impact of climateIn addition to her US based work, which includes two current legislative initiatives with a focus on disability, poverty and healthcare in disasters, she is a frequent consultant with the United Nations on disability inclusive disaster risk reduction and humanitarian action. Ms. Roth is a Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executive Fellow with a BS in Public Safety Administration.

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