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Gain Confidence!

“It has become just another part of a teacher's responsibility. Besides creating a warm, welcoming classroom environment, an environment that helps your students learn and feel safe, you now must prepare for the worst possible day of your life and the lives of your students. The day your school becomes a target.

'Lockdown', 'shelter in place', 'emergency evacuation', these are words every teacher has come to dread. Although the likelihood of a real attack is small, recent events have taught us that the unthinkable can happen. By having a comprehensive, age-appropriate action plan, teachers can not only gain the skills they need to deal with a modern crisis but also the confidence to convey the preparedness plan calmly to their students."

3rd Grade Teacher

Crucial Ongoing Training!

“Despite working at an agency that provides security, keeping our own staff aware and prepared for active threats is a constant challenge. Providing consistent high-quality refresher training is central to our success keeping our own people safe so they can help others.”

Government Administrator

Learn While Having Fun!

"Today's organization can no longer afford to ignore potential threats. G.O.T. Preparedness is a great learning tool to help my organization understand active shooter threats and how to be aware, prepare, respond, and recover. The tool's rich-media and interactivity makes the learning experience more effective and enjoyable."

CEO of a Tech Company

The Analytics Were Game Changing!

"Our Nation has seen an increase in Active Assailant attacks over the past two decades in places we work, worship, learn, play and live. There are many who offer active shooter training but this Active Threat Readiness training is unique as it focuses on awareness, preparedness, response and recovery in a way that makes common sense, and does so without creating fear. A bonus I found is the analytics within the learning management system allows administrators to manage the training effort and effectiveness; this will be very useful to both the employee and the organization!"

Security Professional

Be Ready for the Unexpected!

"Thank you for the education and for the training. Up until now, I thought active shooter was something that happened somewhere else and would never happen in our community. I really had no idea until it was raised by one of my team, who was concerned that we did not know what to do if it happened in our business. Now we do, and we will share with our business colleagues and with our families.”


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