Shawn Dyball

Ms. Shawn Dyball is a Senior Instructor for Kiernan Group Holdings, Inc. Ms. Dyball retired at the rank of Investigator from the Orange County (California) Sheriff's Department (OCSD) after 32 years of service. She worked a variety of assignments during her career and helped found and staff the Orange County Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEWG), now the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC). As the investigative liaison, she was the primary terrorism and intelligence investigator post-9/11 for the OCSD. As part of her ancillary duties, Ms. Dyball gained expertise in various aspects of Emergency Management, including operational experience participating in table-top and full-scale exercises with the Emergency Operations Bureau.

Ms. Dyball currently focuses on instruction/facilitation, course design, and instructor development, collaborating with the Government Training Agency, the South Bay Public Safety Training Consortium, and the Los Angeles Police Department Detective Training Unit. Ms. Dyball currently facilitates the following courses in what is now the four-level POST Instructor Development Institute (IDI): The Academy Instructor Certification Course (Level 1) for the GTA and the South Bay Public Safety Training Consortium, the Advanced Instructor Course (Level 3), and the Master Instructor Certification Course (Level 4) for the GTA. She also continues to teach the Burglary Patterns, Trends, and Problem-Solving module in the Burglary and Theft Investigations Course for the LAPD.

She is a graduate of the California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Master Instructor Development Program (MIDP), where she developed a ground breaking 40-hour course for California POST: Terrorism Liaison Officers' Role in School/Community Networking. This course was instrumental in bringing fire and law enforcement first responders together with school administrators and staff to collaborate on terrorism preparedness planning for schools. Ms. Dyball has a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies from Excelsior College, University of New York, (Albany). She has also earned a Master of Professional Studies degree in Homeland Security from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Education degree in the Adult and Continuing Education program at Rutgers University, where she specialized in Educational Technology.