Kathleen D. Timmons

Kathleen Timmons serves as the Chief of Healthcare Security and Strategy sector at Kiernan Group Holdings. Her expertise in healthcare security and disaster / emergency preparedness began with a 25-year career as an FBI Special Agent, achieving high levels of responsibilities. Her leadership roles then expanded to the Department of Homeland Security working with the Center for Domestic Preparedness and the Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program. Kathleen migrated into the Healthcare sector where she has led a very successful 10-year career in leadership roles for Healthcare security and disaster / emergency preparedness and response. These healthcare campuses included large acute care hospitals, a behavioral health (BH) acute hospital and BH residential treatment centers, rehabilitation hospitals, long term care / senior living, and home health services providers. Recognizing that no one succeeds alone, Kathleen passed numerous Joint Commission (TJC) recertification surveys, as pertinent to performance measures in the Environment of Care (EOC), as well as CMS and Dept. of Health reviews. She was elected by her peers to Chair several regional healthcare disaster preparedness and security collaborative groups for four consecutive years, leading hospital drills and exercises with the external community and responders. She chaired Workplace Violence Prevention Committees with significant results and was recognized, along with her colleagues, by Boards of Directors for Program Excellence in these efforts.