A small company filled with "pracademics" practitioners with earned experience supported by academic rigor and driven by a relentless sense of mission, common values and what we see as a responsibility to make the world a safer place.

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our mission

To educate, to engage and to empower a whole of community from the classroom to the boardroom with an approach to active threat preparedness. We believe that preparedness is a mindset that enables individuals and organizations to take the advantage away from conditions that threaten them.

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our vision

Security sense is common sense that everyone can learn and apply, as ordinary really as fastening your seat-belt without thinking about it. It is a skill set that can be learned at a very early age and carried throughout life. A preparedness mindset can be implemented quickly, cost-effectively, and nationally, it saves lives. Security sense is common sense.

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Today, "active shooter" is top of mind for Americans-it is a threat that is real, pervasive and debilitating, leaving countless lives encumbered by uncertainty and fear. We believe that individuals are always the initial responders in a catastrophic event and can be better prepared to change the outcome when an ordinary day turns into an extraordinary one. It takes an average of 6-8 minutes for law enforcement to arrive on the scene of an active shooter and by then, much of the damage has already been done.

KGH's Preparedness Without Paranoia® approach provides education and training for individuals to gain a heightened situational awareness and understanding of today's multidimensional threat environment, recognize telltale signs of an evolving threat, and become empowered to take effective action without hesitation. By replacing confusion with clarity, we help mitigate the costs of what has become a national crisis-with immeasurable health, social, and economic consequence. From a business perspective, we offer metric-based training in compliance with national level standards and guidance, and a suite of audit-ready analytic tools for use by training managers and HR professionals. The approach is non-tactical by design and it is complementary to the tactical concepts and operations employed by first responders, including the knowledge of what to do when law enforcement arrives on the scene to contain the threat.

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Education is in our individual and corporate DNA. That manifests in not only academic classrooms but across communities as well in the areas of preparedness and resiliency. We recognized that individuals are the true initial responders in any major catastrophic event, be that a natural disaster or an active shooter. In the case of active shooter, it takes law enforcement an average of six minutes to respond to the scene and often by then, the killing is already done. We take enormous pride in the fact that we have assisted the Department of Homeland Security in providing hundreds of preparedness workshops and in the process understood that additional education at the K-12 level was a missing element. KGH has developed and trademarked an approach through education, engagement and empowerment entitled Preparedness Without Paranoia® which is applicable from the classroom to the boardroom.

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This is why G.O.T. Preparedness Matters...